Cannabis Agronomy and Research



NCS was formed to provide turnkey design and training solutions for Health Canada Licenced Producers (“LP”). Our services provide LP’s with complete production planning geared to producing the highest quality dried flower available (3rd party HC lab data validated).

Unlike other consultants and “master growers”, the principles of NCS meticulously tracked production metrics and methodology while historically operating in the medicinal space. With combined decades of agricultural experience, the group has gone beyond the norm, bringing in strategic partners from the scientific community to constantly improve our clients’ methods and genetics with the goal of providing the highest quality product compliant with Health Canada regulations.



  • NCS Group is a Nelson, BC company founded in 2012 in response to the pending government regulations of the cultivation of medicinal and recreational cannabis in a commercial environment.
  • There is a scarcity of skilled professionals in a rapidly expanding industry and the NCS Group fills the void by providing LPs with qualified staff, the methods to produce excellent quality product, and predictable production planning and costing
  • NCS provides consulting services that enable LPs to:
    • Cost-effectively produce consistently high-grade cannabis
    • Develop breeding programs that will provide targeted cannabis cultivars for a range of medicinal and recreational applications
    • Develop research programs to grow with technology; optimize use of lighting, fertilization, and soil equipment