Cannabis Agronomy and Research


Facility, equipment and workflow design

  • Depending on our client’s needs, NCS will design a facility from the ground up, working with clients to see that their vision is fulfilled in practical terms
  • Coordinate with other consulting professionals; architectural, engineering, compliance, construction
  • Provide equipment requirements, budgeting and procurement services
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures in compliance with Health Canada regulations
  • Define human resource plans training and deployment schedules

On-site Production

  • Provide qualified staff to operate your facility at start-up; our staff are fully trained in our proprietary SOP’s, insured and security cleared
  • Develop a transition plan to “hand-off” the facility and all production to our clients in a manner that ensures continuity of excellence
  • Develop research and breeding programs, and assist in the recruitment and training of staff to effectively exploit the program